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Conserving nature: Why your choice matters

Conserving nature: Why your choice matters

Sep 26, 2022

Blog Team

Solar energy helps replace and reduce the use of other sources of energy that when used, have a detrimental impact on the environment. Sourced through solar energy technologies and power plants, the production of air pollution and greenhouse effects are reduced.

However, several companies continue to use regular power systems to run operations. Due to the initial costs involved in installing and setting up a power plant, many organizations put off the use of this renewable source of energy. That said, when it comes to preserving what’s left of nature, it becomes a moral duty to work on ways that can contribute to saving the environment. That is why, we’re here to talk about why your choice matters in conserving nature.

Your choice and role in conserving nature

What happens when you decide to use solar energy?

The consequences are favorable to the environment and life in more ways than one.

Producing traditional electricity requires thousands of liters of water annually. Reason being that water is used for the purpose of processing and refining fuel, transporting fuel through pipes, and cooling generators. When it comes to solar panels, generating power does not require the use of water, except for the cleaning and washing of the panels periodically.

A byproduct of producing traditional electricity is air pollution during the burning of fossil fuels. The production of carbon dioxide and methane gasses lowers the quality of the air around us. Breathing this poor quality of air daily can lead to several medical conditions, including asthma, bronchitis, allergies, pneumonia, headaches, anxiety, heart attacks and even some cancers. However, utilizing the power of the sun significantly reduces the need to burn more fossil fuels, and hence, the reduction of methane and carbon dioxide in the air.

In addition to air pollution, the increasing production of toxic gasses into the atmosphere enhances the effect of greenhouse emissions. This naturally leads to warming the earth more than it can handle, and is linked to many catastrophically natural calamities. In recent years, there has been an increase in the incidents of cyclones, flooding, storms, drought and extreme heat. However, generating electricity through solar panels produces lesser to no greenhouse gasses whatsoever. This process aids in reducing the effect of climate change if used extensively. With the use of solar energy powering a home or business, there is no need to burn fuel and produce more toxic emissions from energy production.

Seeing as it the cleanest source of energy, solar power is a means to an extremely effective way of making your household more efficient and sustainable. Solar panel installations like Jinko Solar or Trina Solar do not require the use of any water to generate electricity. They don’t release harmful gasses into the environment, and the source of their energy is abundant. To top it all, it’s free as the sun’s power is dawned upon the earth naturally.

That said, regular sources of energy like natural gas, coal, or nuclear energy are not replenishable, making them non-renewable resources. However, the sun’s energy is massive and is gifted to us for free. Studies show that if the sunlight’s energy shining on the earth could be harnessed for a period of one hour, that amount of energy can be used to power the world for an entire year. Therefore, decreasing our dependence on non-renewable resources, and benefitting from the abundance and free source of energy can prove to be more of an advantage for humankind.

In conclusion, conserving nature is more a need than simply a decision. Therefore, contemplating your decision of whether or not to introduce solar panels to your organization’s physical setup depends entirely on you. Remember that by making this decision, you are helping conserve nature and all that it stands for!

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