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Solar street lights: A Positive Change

Solar street lights: A Positive Change

Sep 26, 2022

Blog Team

Have you ever pondered over the amount of power consumed by street lights? Let’s start small with a table lamp. Your table lamp will consume 7 Watts worth of energy to help you work late at night. Furthermore, your average tube light to brighten up your room uses 55 Watts per hour. However, you have limited use of these lights, and restrict its power supply to limited hours every day. So, you make sure that you’re maintaining your electricity power bill every month.

Let’s say we go higher than a table lamp and a tube light; we move on to a street lamp. Now here’s where the power consumption gets higher. The power consumption depends on where they are used, from residential areas, town centers and main roads. Let’s explore the positive difference you can make by replacing traditional street lights with Solar-powered lighting.

How much power is consumed by street lights?

There are different types of street lights out there, mainly solar LED street lights, fluorescent, metal halides, halogen, and high-pressure sodium lamps. Their operating costs and pricing altogether vary based on the equipment and power used.

Here’s how you can understand the difference between an LED-lit street and a solar-lit street. Take for example, a a Vista 100-Watt LED street light  on a long stretch of a road. The light pole is 30 feet high, and the road is lit up for 12 hours every night. The average cost is 10 cents per kilowatt-hour ($0.10/kWh), which means that on a power consumption of 12 hours, you get 1200 watt-hours. This consumption amounts to 1.2 kWh, which means that the daily electricity cost is 1.2 kWh*$0.10 = $0.12. And this further adds up to a monthly electricity cost to ($0.12*30) = $3.6, which means $43.8 per year or $438 in 10 years.

Guess what! You can further reduce this power consumption and electricity cost by replacing these street lights with solar-powered lamps. You can save energy consumption and the extent of power utilized on a daily basis.

Reducing the overuse of power consumption

Among the many contributing factors towards global warming, there are nearly 300 million street lights using outdated technology. Since, traditional light sources consume a high volume of electricity, it further tracks back to burning more fossil fuels to produce more energy. Switching to a renewable source like a PROVENCE Solar Street Light can bring forth a collective set of environmental benefits, and hence, a positive change.

Energy has become a priceless commodity these days, and that’s because it’s getting depleted as we inch closer to a world without fossil fuels. It becomes more than just the act of reducing power consumption; it becomes a responsibility for future generations to live in a world where no one is starved of light.

The positive change that a solar street light can bring about is the free energy source it can use to keep the streets safe at night. The positive change it can bring about is the reduction and eventual elimination of carbon footprints. Since solar-powered street lamps do not require an electrical grid to work round the clock, you’re saving on the use of more chemical batteries. What’s more, the street may not be affected by power outages.

So, if you want to bring a positive change by using solar street lights, contact us to make that much needed difference.