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Advantages of Solar Lighting for Business

Advantages of Solar Lighting for Business

Sep 26, 2022

Blog Team

Commercial setups run for long hours and depending on the nature of a corporate setup, some operate through the night as well. The huge requirement of power supply and escalation in electricity costs are bound to burn any business owner’s pockets.

With extraordinary costs already running through the roof, there is a need to create a long-term and sustainable solution wherever needed. Therefore, corporate or commercial setups require solar-powered LED lights when it comes to curbing power supply expenses.

In this blog, we’ll take you through some of the major benefits of installing solar lighting for business.

What is solar lighting and why is it needed for commercial setups?

Conventional and industrial production of energy continues to use up exhaustible resources at a rapid rate. The concept of solar lighting was developed based on the urgent need to ensure a sustainable solution for renewable energy sources.

Solar lighting is a lighting system that is made up of LED lamps, batteries, solar panels, charge controllers and an inverter. Solar lamps are created to collect the natural energy of the sun and transform it into lighting setups. For instance, once the energy is collected in a solar flagpole light during the day, it is stored in a rechargeable gel cell battery and used in the evening.

Therefore, businesses can use solar lighting to convert direct sunlight into usable energy. This process can help in saving high power usage and paying thousands of dollars annually.

Apart from the cost-cutting advantage, installing a solar lighting system at your commercial property can provide several benefits, some of which are:

  • Creating revenue from solar generation
  • Improving safety, sustainable and reliable power supply
  • Stressing less about the time and losses incurred through power outages
  • Lowering carbon footprint
  • Significant return on investment
  • Increased property value

New levels of performance for commercial setups with solar lighting

Solar lighting systems are available in different ranges depending on the requirement at the venue. They range from a small one-LED fixture integrated with a panel and battery to powerful floodlights that can light up an expansive area by a large solar power system mounted on a pole. Therefore, using solar energy can take your commercial setup to new levels of performance.

Not convinced about using solar energy for your corporate space? Let’s take a look into what you get with solar lighting.

  • Energy-saving alternative

Solar-powered LED lighting is powered by solar energy, and is therefore an alternative to traditional lighting. This system of lighting does not use the traditional grid power that consumes more electricity. The batteries used for powering any commercial setup utilizes solar energy stored during the day. At night, the LED fixtures can operate off the stored power to illuminate the designated area.

  • Installation is affordable

The installation of commercial solar lighting is cheaper than the trenching and line running needed to connect traditional lights to the grid. Poles are set up without the need for underground conduit. The wiring is located at the top of the pole or on a nearby pole. It’s also a low voltage setup, making it safer for installation, operation, and maintenance. Furthermore, barriers such as root systems, underground utilities, or other associated systems with standard electric trenching are used.

  • Smooth operation

Solar LED lighting systems are maintenance-free once installed, since the LED lights can run for an average of two decades. The usual upkeep of a commercial solar lighting system requires battery replacement every five to seven years. While changing the battery, a visual check of the solar panel’s glass and light fixture and cleanliness of components is necessary.

  • Improved safety

Solar LED lighting helps in cutting costs and saving energy with the added benefit of creating safety in communal spaces. For instance, the NATRON Solar Street Lights helps customers and employees better manage their way while on the move, reducing the chances of trip-and-fall hazards. Also, crime is most likely to be prevented in well-lit areas. To put it simply, solar LED lighting helps customers and employees with a unique experience that is different from anywhere else. Sometimes, the change is visible and sometimes it's intangible yet present because passersby can feel it.

Are you planning to set up solar lighting for your commercial setup? Connect with us at Beyond Solar to learn the best ways to leverage your company’s power supply through solar lighting systems.