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Relevant Aspects to Take Note of When Buying Solar Floodlights

Relevant Aspects to Take Note of When Buying Solar Floodlights

Jul 25, 2023

Blog Team

Solar flood lights are outdoor lighting fixtures that are powered by solar energy. They are designed to provide bright illumination and are commonly used for security, safety, and aesthetic purposes.

When searching for solar flood lights, it's important to consider factors beyond the price. Higher cost does not necessarily indicate superior quality, while lower cost does not always imply poor quality. These lights are composed of various components, such as solar panels, sensors, fixtures, and casings. 

Crucial factors about solar flood lights before buying them

There are a few factors you must consider while purchasing solar-powered floodlights.

  • Power and Illumination
  • When evaluating the brightness of a solar flood light, it is important to focus on the lumen rating rather than the wattage. Different types of bulbs generate varying amounts of lumens. LEDs, for instance, are three times more efficient than halogen bulbs while consuming a similar amount of energy.

  • Sensors
  • Sensors are an important part of solar lighting products. They contribute to battery conservation and trigger the light when necessary. Two key sensors employed in solar lighting are motion sensors and photosensors. 

    Motion sensors activate the light when they detect movement in a designated area. On the other hand, photosensors or dusk-to-dawn sensors detect diminishing light levels and trigger the light to turn on automatically when a specific darkness threshold is reached. In the morning, the light will automatically turn off, conserving energy and battery life.

  • Types, Wattage, and Size
  • The solar panel is a significant component of solar flood lights, responsible for collecting solar energy, converting it into electricity, and storing it in the battery. When evening arrives or the sky becomes sufficiently dark, the solar panel provides the necessary power for the light to activate. When considering solar panels for flood lights, three key factors should be taken into account: the panel type, wattage, and size. You can reach out to us to buy solar flood lights suitable to your requirements.

  • Fixtures and Casings
  • Since outdoor floodlights are subjected to various weather conditions such as wind, rain, snow, and ice, it is crucial to ensure that the lighting is encased in weatherproof housing.

    It is advisable to avoid purchasing any solar flood light that lacks a photo sensor or motion sensor, as this would result in a wastage of stored energy. Manual operation, by turning the light on and off, contradicts the purpose of solar lighting.