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men installing solar panel on roof

Solar Panel Installation: 3 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Nov 24, 2023

Blog Team

Installing solar panels incorrectly can cost you monetarily as well as dangerously. In this post, we will take you through a few common mistakes that are made while installing solar panels.

Common mistakes to overcome during solar panel installation

If solar panel installation is driven by these common mistakes, it can result in an unfavourable outcome in more ways than one. Let’s look at some of these common mistakes so one can avoid committing them during solar panel installations.

1. System and design layout: Poorly Designed

    Poorly installed solar panels can result in shading issues, water drainage, high inverter loads, and low efficiency, to name a few. 

    Some of the mistakes that can take place during installation include:

    • Installing in a partially shaded area.
    • Incorrect placement on the roof.
    • Not installing the right number of solar panels required as per your area.

    So, your installer has to first assess the layout and then design an installation system that will improve exposure to sunlight throughout the day.

    2. Purchasing solar panels of poor quality

      Some solar panels are designed to match more affordable price points. However, do check and read up on the quality. Poor-quality components of solar panels can result in reduced efficiency, reduced lifespan, and higher maintenance costs.

      3. Not doing enough research on comparative quotes

        Many people fail to research their options before choosing solar panels. This can result in buying the wrong type. So, it is wise to do some window shopping for quotes and select the right contractor for solar panel installation. Get a minimum of three quotes which entail costs that cover complete installation, cost of labor, panels, batteries, and incidental fees, if any. Get all the information you can on the warranty of the solar system. Also, check for reviews online, complaints and/or experience of the product purchased by other customers.

        Understanding the depth of these common mistakes can help you avoid them, and buy the right set of solar panels your premise requires.


        Should I buy an expensive solar system?

        It’s not about cheap or expensive, but rather about the features and benefits you get with your purchase, and whether the cost justifies it. This is why you must compare prices from three to four sources.

        What is the usual cost of solar panels?

        An average solar system can cost you $5,400 to $18,000 ranging from 6kW to 12kW. Connect with us to get a quote.