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10 Things People have misunderstood about Solar Panels

10 Things People have misunderstood about Solar Panels

Oct 11, 2023

Blog Team

“It’s too expensive”, is what many people think when recommended to install solar panels. They also think that solar panels are ineffective during the winters when the sun isn’t around much. Are you one of them? We bring to you 10 common myths people have about solar panels. Let’s bust them together!

10 Untrue Assumptions Made about Solar Panels

Assumption 1: Solar panels are ineffective in cold, snowy weather and cloudy conditions.

Truth: Solar panels operate efficiently in various environments, including sunny, cold, and even cloudy settings. These panels are designed to function effectively, and they can be more productive in cooler temperatures than in warmer ones.

Assumption 2: Solar energy can power my home during power outages.

Truth: If your home is connected to the grid, solar energy won't function during power outages. To ensure worker safety, the grid shuts down during outages, and your inverter, sensing this, halts electricity generation from solar panels.

Assumption 3: Solar energy is expensive and impractical.

Truth: Globally, producing electricity from solar energy is now cheaper than from coal, showcasing its economic viability.

Assumption 4: Solar panel installation is complex and requires extensive maintenance.

Truth: Reliable manufacturers ensure straightforward installation. Grid-connected systems simplify maintenance, needing occasional cleaning to remove dust, debris, or snow. Solar panels are built to endure harsh weather conditions, including hail and sleet.

Assumption 5: Solar panels damage roofs.

Truth: Solar panels protect and preserve the covered roof area. In case of roof repairs, the panels can be easily removed, as they're mounted atop the roof and not directly attached. 

Assumption 6: The battery systems can store any excess energy produced.

Truth: Grid-connected systems can benefit from net metering, where excess energy is credited for future use. At night or when solar panels aren't generating, you draw electricity from the grid.

Assumption 7: Selling a home with solar panels is challenging.

Truth: Solar panels enhance property value and attract buyers. Homes with solar panels tend to sell faster and have increased value.

Assumption 8: Solar panel costs depend on home size.

Truth: Solar panels are customized for each homeowner's needs, considering factors like roof orientation, slope, and surrounding environment.

Assumption 9: "Clean coal" makes solar energy unnecessary.

Truth: Solar power is cleaner and more environmentally friendly than coal. Coal mining and burning contribute to pollution and environmental damage.

Assumption 10: Used solar panels harm the environment.

Truth: Solar panels have a maximum lifetime of 25 years and can be recycled after use. Many manufacturers offer free recycling services for old panels.

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