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Brighten your Outdoors: Installation Steps for Solar Pathway Lights

Jun 20, 2024

Blog Team

If you have an outdoor space that could use some updates, solar pathway lights offer an excellent way. Depending on the type of solar pathway style, you can choose how to install them. You can also select the number of posts you prefer based on the outdoor area you wish to cover.

Having sufficient space, taking in the beauty of nature, and enjoying the outdoors is a great way to spend the evening. So, be it solar posts or bollards, choose the type that suits your aesthetic sense and space the most. Once you’ve chosen the type of solar pathway lights you prefer, it’s time to understand the installation process.

In this blog, we will take you through the steps to begin lighting up your outdoor space and making it the envy of the town.

Pre-installation process of solar pathway lights

If you want the installation process to go smoothly and as swiftly as possible, you have to be prepared. First, select the solar light fixtures that you want for your outdoor space. Second, ensure that all the supplies and tools you need are available. Here’s a list of the potential items you will need:

  • Concrete mix
  • Soil
  • Spades
  • Shovels
  • Posts
  • Trowels
  • Wiring kits
  • Mounting
  • Brackets
  • Safety goggles
  • Gloves

Before you start with the installation process, remember to read the instruction manual. Everyone involved in this work must wear protective gear to ensure maximum safety and avoid accidents.

Installing solar pathway lights the right way

Once you’ve read the instruction manual and made all the necessary pre-arrangements for installation, it’s time to take the following steps:

  • Based on the placements and fixture layout you’ve planned, begin digging holes approximately 1 inch deep in the respective areas. While digging, make sure that each hole is 12 diameters in length.
  • Fill the holes with soil and concrete mix as per the instructions provided in the instruction manual.
  • Place the post in each hole and firmly secure their position with the mounting brackets.
  • Wire the light source through the single power source box.

This concludes your installation process of the solar pathway lights. For aesthetic purposes, you may choose to style these lights. You could space them evenly apart or bring them closer together based on your discretion. Also, by adjusting the wattage levels according to the distance and placements, you can ensure adequate lighting effect and optimum energy consumption.