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solar panels and batteries

Should Solar Panels be Operated without Batteries?

Jan 24, 2024

Blog Team

It is believed that since solar panels are used, one can do away with power grids entirely. This may be true but batteries are still required. The purpose of using solar panels is to reduce the load and impact of conventional batteries. However, off-grid photovoltaic systems work on batteries due to the voltage and frequency stability, and the sun’s power storage. In this blog, we explain why batteries are needed and whether it is possible to operate solar panels without batteries.

Why are batteries required for operating solar panels?

Batters are essential for rendering solar panels effective, here are several reasons segmented among voltage and frequency stability, and power storage:

Voltage and Frequency Stability

Solar panels have to work effectively without any hiccups in power supply. If your solar panels are giving you flicker lights, it may be because the voltage and frequency of the power supplied are not being supplied efficiently. This could be a result of voltage and frequency. So, using batteries can make sure that this instability is not experienced. The solar inverter has a series of control devices that increase or decrease the power output to ensure stability in the voltage and frequency of the power supply.

Power Storage

Solar systems need a unit to store the sun’s energy after absorbing it. The power required to store this energy is sourced from batteries. The off-grid home cannot function at night due to the absence of sunlight. Therefore, to ensure an uninterrupted power supply, an energy storage system should be maintained. In this case, batteries allow for the stored energy to be consumed at night so the power supply can be managed. This energy output is also maintained during power outages and on cloudy days.

The problem with using solar panels without batteries is that there is no backup to power a load at night or during cloudy days. Other problems include running the risk of compromising the load, unstable voltage and frequency of power supply, and not generating a load higher than the solar panel’s capacity.

But the question remains – can solar panels function without batteries? 

You can achieve this by using a DC-to-DC inverter, and a DC-to-AC solar inverter if one is dealing with an AC load. However, DC-to-DC converter input requires the high capacity of batteries to deliver a powerful output. The converter may shut down entirely if the load increases due to not integrated batteries in the power supply system. In conclusion, batteries are needed and, in most cases, not doing without them will simply complicate the process.