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Solar Flagpole Lights: A Complete Installation Guide

Solar Flagpole Lights: A Complete Installation Guide

Dec 08, 2023

Blog Team

Installing solar flagpole lights involves two techniques, which we will take you through in this post.

A complete installation guide for solar flagpole lights

There are two installation techniques involved in this process based on the type you use.

Installation Technique 1 – Solar flagpole light

A solar flagpole light is installed at the top of your flagpole. 

The installation steps for these solar flagpole lights are:

  • Remove the flag from the flagpole and ensure that it does not touch the ground. Fold the flag and safely store it.
  • Lower the flagpole by unscrewing it from the base or lowering it from the hinge. You may require someone to help you as the flagpole is likely over 15 feet high.
  • Thereafter, twist the ball shaft at the top of the flagpole and unscrew it.
  • Thread the ball shaft into and through the flagpole light. 
  • Screw the ball shaft back at the top.
  • Raise the flagpole and refix it back up. After this, you can raise the flag back onto the flagpole.

Installation Technique 2 – Solar floodlight or spotlight

Compared to installation technique 1, solar floodlights are easier to install. 

Here are the steps to complete this type of installation:

  • Identify and mark the area where you wish to install the solar floodlight.
  • Place the solar floodlight directly in front of the flag if you just have one floodlight. Our Apollo solar flagpole lights have three floodlights attached to them. So, you can fix them 120 degrees apart as they have to surround the flag from all sides. These can be placed and fixed at a height of 5 to 10 feet above the base.
  • After fixing the floodlights, press on the stake for each solar light to firmly fix it into the ground.
  • Angle the solar floodlight towards the flag.
  • Angle the solar panel directly towards the sun’s position at noon.

We hope you find these installation methods easy. Enjoy the benefits of installing high-intensity Apollo Solar Flagpole Lights for your flagpole. 

What illumination power does the solar floodlight provide?

The solar floodlight provides 18 Watts of power.

What illumination power does the solar flagpole light provide?

The solar flagpole light provides 120X0.2 Watts of power.

Are these techniques easy to install?

Yes, they are easy to install. However, we do suggest using the help of one more person as flagpoles are 15 feet tall.