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Our Cylindrical Vista Solar LED Street Light is an advanced combination with latest technology. Solar cylinder Vista is based on modular conception which can be easily mounted to any kind of pole with diameter of 6.49 inch. It adopts mono crystalline solar panel with high efficiency up to 22% and more then 20 years life span.

  • 560W Solar Panel
  • 1440AH Lithium Battery
  • 12800 Lumens
  • 360 Degree Full day charging, the hexagonal design ensures maximum exposure in the morning and afternoon, greatly increasing the amount of electricity.
  • Available in 100w and 160W, total power can be increased or decreased as required. Each modular is in 18v, many modules can be connected in parallel to get higher power.
  • Strong wing resistance, the force surface is reduced by more than 60% compared with the traditional solar panel. Each module and the pole are fixed by 12 screws, which can resist the 12-level typhoon.
  • No snow accumulation since the solar panels are installed vertically, the snow does not accumulate on the panel when it is snowing.
  • Smart MPPT controller automatically track the maximum power point according to the weather variation.
  • Eco-friendly and safe LifePO4 battery and discharge over 1000 times has life span of more then 5 years.
  • 130 lumen per watt and IP67 rated.
  • 3 Years warranty on all components.



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