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Our Totem Solar Urban Light features a smart and unique design with built-in solar panels for a discreet integration in metropolitan environments. It is constructed with the best components available on the market, using LiFePo4 Batteries, MPPT controller with remote, and also made with aluminum. This makes it the most powerful and reliable solution for your lighting project.

  • 115W/18V Solar Panel
  • 27AH/12.8V Lithium Battery
  • 3000 Lumens
  • Economical, easy to install.
  • Philips LumiLEDs luxeon chips.
  • The light automatically switches on at dusk and switches off at dawn.
  • All in one built in solar panel, battery and LEDs.
  • Grade A Mono Crystalline solar cells to maximize solar energy and ensure fast charging.
  • Certified by CE and ROHS with LED chips that provide qualifying lighting and 50000+ hours lifespan with super bright illumination.
  • Smart power management for rainy days, automatic day and night detection.
  • 0 carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Lithium LifePo4 with lifetime over 10 years.
  • 150 Lumens per watt and IP65 rated.
  • 5 Years warranty in all components.

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