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Our Solar Titan Bollards are ideal for residential and commercial pathway applications. Our bollard lamps main goal is too offer a real and efficient lighting alternative to on grid lighting. All of our Titan Bollards offer equal or better efficiency to classic lights. Our outdoor solar bollard light is ideal for solar pathway lighting, private road lighting, area lighting, gate lighting, yard lighting, campus lighting, farm and ranch lighting, fence lighting and more.

  • 4.5W Solar Panel
  • 4.5AH/6.4V Lithium Battery
  • 425 Lumens
  • All in one built in solar panel, battery & LEDs.
  • Mono Crystalline solar cell gain to max solar energy, high efficiency solar panel can ensure fast charging.
  • Certified by CE and ROHS with LED chips providing qualify lighting and 50000+ hours lifespan with super bright illumination.
  • Smart power management for rainy days, automatic day and night detection.
  • 0 carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Lithium LifePo4 with lifetime up to 12 years.
  • 140 Lumens per watt and IP65 rated.
  • 5 Years warranty in all components.

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