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Sunstrike Up and Down spotlight offer dual illumination with one side emitting light upward and the other downward. The distinctive design of up and down spotlights enhances outdoor lighting by providing versatile illumination in both directions, adding an aesthetic touch to various application. Hassle free installation as no electrical wiring is needed. Mount on walls, fences or any surface to create stunning and versatile lighting effects outdoors.

  • High-Capacity power lithium battery with a lifespan of over 2000 cycles.
  • Built-in light sensors for automatic on/off.
  • First 5 hours at 100% brightness and 20% brightness until dawn.
  • Antitheft screws with tooling are included.
  • Die Cast Aluminum with C4H Marine corrosion resistance.
  • Color Dark Grey fixture.
  • Fast Automatic Error Reporting in Bluetooth app.
  • IP66 rated with Impact rating IK10.



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