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Introducing the Pollux All in One Pro – an affordable, off-grid lighting solution designed for pathways, parking lots, roadways, trails, and remote areas without conventional power access. With a unique, integrated design that combines a solar panel, battery, and light fixture, Pollux is easy to install and eliminates the need for trenching and monthly electrical bills. Ideal for cost-effective and eco-friendly lighting solutions.

  • 105W Solar Panel
  • 42AH Lithium Battery
  • 11760 Lumens
  • Economical, Easily to install, all in one integrated with a fixture on one side and panel on the other side.
  • Philips High-Efficiency LEDs with heat dissipation design, pure aluminum lamp base with seal lens for an optimal lighting and life span.
  • Batwing Lens for perfect illumination and uniformity
  • The light automatically switches on at dusk and switches off at dawn. 30% permanent lighting, when motion is detected power turns to 100%.
  • Eco-Friendly and safe LifePO4 battery and discharge over 2000 times has a life span of more than 10 years
  • MPPT controller automatically track the maximum power point according to the weather variation, charging rate 16 to 30%
  • 196 Lumen per watt and IP65 Rated
  • 5 Years warranty on all components

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