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Our Smart Solar Stations are powered completely by renewable, solar energy. The innovative urban furniture comes equipped with outdoor advertising, a charging station and WiFi connection. The stations provide a place where one can relax and stay connected to the world. This technology helps cities, universities, and communities to create a better, safer, and more environmentally friendly world.

  • Powered by renewable solar energy.
  • Outdoor Advertising.
  • Charging Station.
  • WiFi Connection.
  • Place to relax


  • Solar Panel Power: 180W18V.
  • Power of Advertising Light: 20W.
  • Auto Scrolling System: 3-6 pages one side-scrolling, double sides
  • USB Port: 4x5V2.1A
  • Wireless charging pad: 2x10W fast charge
  • Battery Capacity: 768 Wh



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