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Our commercial-grade solar-powered pedestrian light is engineered to perform like conventional post-top, Our pedestrian light features high-performing LEDs by solar fueled by solar energy and lithium LIFEPO4 battery featuring compact sturdy design. Our Pedestrian lights are constructed to resist harsh environments and a lifetime of over 8 years without maintenance. All built-in one, easy to install, available with or without a pole. A great solution for residential and commercial application pathway, walkway, sidewalk, park, and garden light. No need for a power source, which eliminates the need for trenching or wiring. What separates a solar post light from a normal post light is its power source.

  • 45W Solar Panel.
  • 20AH Lithium Battery.
  • LED Solar pedestrian light fixture features an all-in-one design. The solar panel and battery are built into the LED fixture.
  • Automatic Operation day and night detection and automatic power on and off.
  • Elegant & Modern design, aluminum casting.
  • Eco-friendly and safe LifePo4 battery and discharge over 2000 times have a life span of over 8 years without maintenance.
  • 130 Lumens per watt and IP65 rated.
  • 5 Years warranty on all components.
  • Optional – can be purchased with or without a pole.

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