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Our EVO line offers an all-in-one solar street light system with easy installation and operation. It includes a versatile bracket that fits any square or round pole. Ideal for area lighting, it features a high-performance Lithium iron phosphate battery, a mono solar panel, and LEDs delivering 196 lumens per watt. Advanced motion sensors enhance energy savings by adjusting brightness based on movement. With a robust design and a 5-year warranty, Our EVO line is a cost-effective and reliable choice for various solar lighting projects, balancing high quality with budget considerations.

  • High pressure die-cast low-copper aluminum. Protection class (IP65) Beyond Solar uses a high quality Polyester Powder Coating from AKZO NOBEL. This powder coating provides an excellent salt and humidity resistance as well as ultra violet resistance for color retention for this product.
  • Our Luminaire is equipped with PHILIPS LUXEON HE PLUS High efficiency Chips offering and overall 196 Lumens per Watt efficacy.
  • Our luminaire also complies with the DARK SKY requirement for light pollution with an Upward lighting of 0,71%



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