Solar Power Bank - AVS-W500 Generator

  • Model Number: AVS-W500
  • Length: -
  • Width: -
  • Depth: -
  • Weight: -
  • Warranty: 1 year
Spec sheet


If you’re wondering about how to store the power your solar panels have been collecting then look no further! Beyond Solar carries top of the line Power Bank Systems that allow you to store all that energy for emergency backups and more! These power banks are super easy to use, all power sockets are located in the front of the box with convenient access and close to monitoring systems!
• 100W SLP100-12 Solar Panel
• 100AH Lithium Battery
• 5V 500mA DC USB Max Output
• Easy Access Front Connections
• LCD Monitoring Screen
• Inverter That Allows Safe Powering of Most All Appliances
• Input Power 110-220VAC 50-60Hz
• Ensure Your Systems Keep Functioning Even During Power Outages
• Keep Security Systems Or Lighting Going During Nighttime Hours
• Small, Portable and Convenient Power Storage