• Model#: 43,0001,3530
  • Product Type: Residential Grid-Tie String
  • Length [mm (in)]: N/A
  • Width [mm (in)]: N/A
  • Depth [mm (in)]: N/A
  • Weight [kg (lb)]: N/A
  • Warranty [years]: N/A


    FRONIUS Smart Meter US-480v 480-3 UL

    Fronius Smart Meter US-480v 480-3 UL Bidirectional energy meter for feed-in management and energy consumption monitoring Item Code 43,0001,3530

    The Fronius Smart Meter is compatible with the Fronius Galvo, Fronius Primo, Fronius Symo, and the up-in-coming Fronius Primo Hybrid Inverters. It is the bidirectional energy meter that works in unison with Fronius Solar.web to provide a detailed overview of energy consumption within a home or business.

    FRONIUS Smart Meter US-480v 480-3 UL Highlights:

  • High accuracy and fast communication via Modbus RTU.
  • Feed-in management and dynamic power reduction.
  • Easy configuration of dynamic feed-in on the Fronius Datamanager.
  • 2.0 software interface.
  • Visualization of energy consumption in Fronius Solar.web.
  • Optimized energy management with the Fronius storage solution.