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Professional, Commercial Grade, Solar Powered LED Lighting Systems for Streets & Roadways

Solar-powered street lights can be installed in any location with a direct view of the sun, eliminating the need for electric power and meter electric bills associated with it. Solar Illuminations offers the largest selection of professional solar LED street lights in the USA including, solar roadway lighting, and solar lamp posts. Our high-quality lights are engineered to a commercial grade, built to last the test of time, and practically maintenance-free. The solar light poles can be installed in HOAs, or neighborhood streets for security lighting, or along roadways, freeways, highways, rural roads, and other municipal applications. Installation is typically quick, easy, and often at a lower cost compared to expensive electric cable trenching. Being totally self-contained by just having the sun as its power source and detached from the utility grid. Our solar systems can be supplied complete with a pole, or without as a solar retrofit lighting solution. Light fixtures in compliance with Dark Sky (IDA) and FWC Turtle Friendly regulations are available.

The solar-powered led lights and roadway light systems Solar Illuminations supplies are easy to install and suitable for use on most streets, parking lots, trails and general open spaces, etc. They are supplied complete and include all the necessary solar components for area lighting, including solar panels, specialized solar AGM, GEL or lithium batteries, a charge controller to extend battery life, and high efficiency LED light fixtures. Our outdoor lighting systems include high-quality, appropriately sized solar panels and batteries to meet your requirements, specifically for your geographic location. We determine the sun levels in your area (using solar radiation data logs), the desired illumination time, and light fixture power, and calculate the appropriate equipment necessary for the lights to perform throughout the year in accordance with your requirements. Our lights can illuminate for any duration requested, including dusk to dawn illumination which can be up to 16+ hours in some locations. Other options include one or more timed modes and dimming at any percentage and for any duration. We can also add custom features such as motion sensors, clock timers, Bluetooth/smartphone connectivity, and manual or remote on/off switches to most products. We have systems and customized solutions for municipalities too.

Interested in using solar as an alternative to electrical power as a solution for your next project Call us or send us an email! You don’t need to be an expert at solar or have perfect weather conditions, that’s what we’re here for. We’ll help determine the best option for your residential or commercial project with cost-effectiveness. We can also provide information on tax incentives, credits, and rebates for purchasing a solar energy system. Save money, go green, go solar!