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The Best Angle for Installing Solar Panels

The Best Angle for Installing Solar Panels

May 08, 2024

Blog Team

Installing solar panels requires more than just an open space or a designated location under the sun. Angle and direction play a major role when it comes to efficient installations. There’s a bit of technicality to it that once achieved can mean more electricity annually and better savings on power bills.

That said, the factors that usually get in the way of installing solar panels effectively include roof size, shading, local electricity prices and solar power policies.

However, when it comes to installing solar panels, you must never go wrong with the angle and the direction of installation.

What’s the right angle and direction for solar panel installation?

Solar panels must be tilted between 15 and 40 degrees and face roughly in the south direction. According to the Department of Energy, when the solar panels are titled by this range of angles and facing the south direction, it can result in converting more solar energy into power. This can result in saving your utility bills even better than installing the panels in just any direction or angle.

Moreover, east-west systems mounted nearly flat or at fairly steep angles can produce a huge amount of power. 

Factors that influence your electricity output depend on your roof that should fit the description: 

  • Direction: South, West, or East
  • Angle: Flat pitch, 45 degrees or steeper

However, people have complained of not getting a higher electricity output even after installing it at the specified angle and direction. The reason isn’t due to direction or angle but mostly due to the roof surface being too small or there being too much shading in that area.

So, fitting solar panels on your roof is easy. It’s the angle and direction that matter.

How many solar panels can I fit on my roof?

This depends on the size of your roof but to start with, you may fix a minimum of 8 to 10 panels. We recommend you consult a solar panel expert installer to learn more information specific to your requirements.

What is a better roof-facing direction: South or East-West?

The south-facing roof is the best direction you can hope for as it provides more room for when the sun crosses the sky in the south. This way, the panels get more sunlight, leading to producing more power compared to any other direction. However, if a south-facing roof is not possible then you can even benefit from a southeast or southwest-facing direction to install solar panels.